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The Trade and Technology Council: EU soft power at its finest

Seen at first as a compromise deal instead of the defunct trade agreement between the EU and USi, and after a rough start in 2021, the EU-US Trade and Technology Council proved to be a valuable instrument of EU soft power in shaping a working and valid relationship with the US. The next European TTC, this time with India is based on shared goals, mostly on the need to contain China and its rise in the technology field.

Join our team as a Part-time Public Affairs Coordinator / Assistant Manager in Brazil

Are you passionate about shaping global policies and making a real impact on the world stage? Time&Place Consulting is seeking for a Part-Time Public Affairs Coordinator or Assistant Manager to join our team in Brazil.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence: A Multipolar Perspective

With the rapid pace of AI development and its impact, the need for appropriate regulation has become urgent. In this first of a series of articles, Time&Place’s AI Task Force explores the nature of AI, challenges states face with regulation, and the contrasting stances taken by major actors like the EU, US, and China.

The EU Chips Act may be too little, too late

In a global economy heavily reliant on cutting-edge technology, supercomputers and AI, the semiconductor industry has emerged as a crucial battleground for dominance between major players like the United States and China. To counter their growing influence, the European Union recently passed the EU Chips Act, an ambitious attempt to secure the EU's position in the semiconductor market. However, the EU strategy on semiconductors may be too little in terms of financing, as it draws mainly funding from existing instruments and too late, as both the US and China have already established significant leads in the race for chip supremacy.

The EU-Mercosur Trade Tango

With the EU-Mercosur deal back on the table, climate concerns, social issues, and geopolitical dynamics still pose challenges. The re-election of Lula da Silva in Brazil and EU`s renewed push for such an agreement provides hope that a deal can be finalised this year. We believe a potential Trade and Technology Council between the two blocs (similar to the EU-US TTC) would act as forum for addressing common market solutions.

"Bears, Green Dreams, and Industrial Schemes: Exploring Brașov`s Sustainable Magic!"

On July 20th the European Commission shortlisted three large cities across Europe for the next EU Green Capital Award 2025. Although it was not a finalist, Brașov (Romania) won our recent online poll about eco-friendly cities, and we explore here on what it has to offer.

"Mind the Gap: Unveiling the Innovation Fund's Discrepancies Across the EU"

It is clear that in the allocation of green funds, a more equitable and proportionate approach across EU’s geographies need to be set. But, how can this be achieved?

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With partner and satellite offices across the globe (e.g. Galway, Kolkota, Vienna, Berlin, London, Milan, Managua & Jakarta) we are locally accessible and internationally present. One of many benefits: T&P can have an impact on EU decision-making processes directly through European capitals.


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At the heart of our approach are trust and long-term vision. We believe in solid relations both with our clients and the decision-makers we approach for your needs. Our client codex is a tribute to this. In the same spirit, we believe in making sure that you get the services you seek. We don’t pretend we can. We don’t waste your and our resources on activities we cannot provide. Instead, we are always happy to see how we could help find someone else for you



Alexander Mohr

Executive Director, EFFA. European Flavour Association

Time & Place Consulting can only be commended for its ability to understand and tailor its services to the specific client’s needs. This was especially the case when we looked for Brexit related information services to get a sector specific overview and potential scenarios. The in-depth knowledge on procedures and potential economic consequences that Time & Place provided, was especially helpful in light of fact that nothing like Brexit has ever existed before.

Jon Bruford

Managing Editor, Casino International

"Time & Place Consulting’s team of experienced professionals and its collective tacit knowledge of the EU Affairs eco-system always deliver cutting-edge analyses for the readers of our print and online publications. I particularly commend their ability to provide valuable information and impact assessments which allow business to easily understand political and regulatory landscapes.”

Wouter Lox

Secretary General, European Fruit Juice Association

I always look forward to an opportunity of working with Time & Place Consulting

Pieter Allers

President, Linkage Western Europe

Cutting through complexity and navigating ambiguity effectively, T&P Consulting is able to get to the core of issues and present a clear path towards positive outcomes.

Pedro Saramago

(Former) Marketing & Sales Officer, Linkare

T&P helped us navigate the complex bureaucratic landscape for SME EU funding opportunities

Andrea Monne

Area Manager, Multiburo

Having access to T&P’s network has translated into growth in business for us.

Enrico Turrin

Deputy Director, Federation of European Publishers

With Glenn Cezanne at the helm and its established network, T&P has all it takes to have the most effective communications impact in Brussels. They have proven it time and place again!

Jon Bruford

Managing Editor, Casino International

Time & Place Consulting’s team of experienced professionals and its collective tacit knowledge of the EU Affairs eco-system always deliver cutting-edge analyses for the readers of our print and online publications. I particularly commend their ability to provide valuable information and impact assessments which allow business to easily understand political and regulatory landscapes.

Hubert de Biolley

Director, IEA / iEthanol (European Industrial Ethanol Association)

T&P has helped us understand the new European Parliament (2019) for us to profile our new association image. We very much hope to continue working with them in the future.

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