Client codex

The relations we establish with our clients are just as important as our relations with governmental decision-makers. Our concerns are not only about those of reputation. Public Affairs and Public Relations are about communication, and therefore about people. So, we focus on trust and long-term vision which are key to any healthy business based on human interaction. An excellent reputation is one of many symptoms thereof. Our client codex is a tribute to this.

We don’t sell opportunities where there are none

Our goal is to provide you added value and results. Creating an opportunity and failing to carry it out as there was none in the first place is counter to a positive progress report which is important for any standing.

We don’t look to maximise billable days

Our competitive edge is primarily our experience and our long-term approach to all stakeholders we engage with, but no partnership goes without a discussion about a competitive price. This is also why we promote a flexible workforce policy where contracts do not have to cover non-profitable branches of one’s organisation.

If we can’t do it, we don’t pretend we can

We don’t do learning as we go along at the expense of our clients. If our experience, networks and understanding are not suitable to carry out your needs, we don’t accept the project. Instead, we try our best to help you find someone that can.

Who you meet is who you get

We don’t push our tasks to colleagues with less experience pretending to take on the work ourselves.

We avoid conflicts of interest

If potential new clients could create a conflict of interest, we double check with our clientele before taking on new projects.