Uli Sauer

Uli is CEO and Founder of both Soccrates, a sports agent service providing full-cycle support for new and established talents, and stars4fans, an online platform which provides funds to charitable causes, primarily based on the participation of Olympic-discipline athletes.


Uli’s role in the Ministry of Science, Research of Arts of the German Land (State) of Baden-Württemberg moulded public relations and policy development such as for the purpose of profiling the state’s universities. Some of the successful products under his management included the development of information tools and portals, for example, attracting students from across the world.

His work prompted Baden-Württemberg to send Uli to the European Commission as a Seconded National Expert in the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC). As Policy officer in the European Commission he was primarily responsible for projects related to the effectiveness and efficiency of education across Europe. Additionally, he coordinated networks (e.g. DG EAC co-operation with European social partners) and he organised high-level political events related to education.


Uli went on to set up his own companies (stars4fans & Soccrates) which were built on his knowledge and experience in sports. His focus includes innovative and tech-savy solutions to support athletes, associations and clubs in managing their future challenges such as internationalisation, or market and digital transformation.


Traces of his interest in creating, harnessing and participating in charitable and social inclusive opportunities can be found from before his creation of stars4fans. Uli was Assistant Lecturer at the SRH Hochschule in Heidelberg where he was responsible for the successful participation of hearing-impaired students in the classroom.

When not at work, he is often on the football pitch as coach, training and supporting migrants seeking refuge in Germany.