Sumit Agarwal

Sumit Agarwal is a Disabled Entrepreneur who has risen consistently in the Public Relations industry in India, and who constantly strives for the rights of Persons with Disabilities across the country.

Sumit is the Founder of the Public Relations firm PR Signal, and he uses his confidence and problem-solving attitude to achieve exemplary service towards a variety of clients including individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates, organizations and events.

The Public Relations Specialist

Glenn first began his career in Brussels at the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU which provided an excellent stepping stone to become Account Executive at Hume Brophy.

He has accomplished an array of Public Relations tasks using innovative ideas for the marketing and branding of unique products and concepts, and by using a participative management style to ensure the prosperous brand image formation of various clients.

Sumit has handled the Press Publicity of various events including Digi-Ability 2018, TiECON 2018, Siege Now Art Wine Carnival, Elite Conclave Launch Party, Inclov Social Spaces, Hair Pro Product Launch, and many more, and has successfully formulated an advisory PR Strategy for each event, tailored specifically to the event message, target audience, and the platform positioning.

Sumit has provided advisory Public Relations services, including strategizing for various projects, events and schemes of some Non- Governmental Organizations such as Kalyani Life Institute, Shishur Sevay and Artemis Fountain Foundation, amongst many others.

In his capacity as the PRO of an array of Business Networking Groups, Sumit has employed various techniques to grow the popularity and outreach of the member groups by attracting new members and encouraging all members to adhere to the group codes of conduct, in order to grow business through networking.

He has also helped create and curate more than 250 stories for clients namely digital marketers and startups.

Apart from working with various organizations, Sumit has also handled the Personal Publicity of several eminent personalities including Shri Sandeep Marwah (Founder, Noida Film City).

He has suggested effective guidelines for ensuring a personal image upliftment, to propagate the appropriate reflection on their respective fields; and he has employed Influencer Relations tactics to make them affluent influencers with positive images, through the use of media relations and constructive press coverage.

The Inclusion Rights Activist

Being a passionate Inclusion Rights Activist, Sumit has taken various measures towards ensuring Inclusivity in the Employment and Entrepreneurship Sectors of India.

In his capacity as a Public Relations Specialist, he has also employed effective Public Relations techniques to ensure the influential branding of various Inclusivity Projects such as India Autism Center and Indian Disabled Entrepreneurs Forum.

He has accelerated their public outreach by providing applicable guidelines for Influencer Relations, and establishing the projects as influential brands in the industry for maximum growth and visibility in the Inclusive and Disability communities.

Sumit Agarwal also maintains associations with various organizations including Rotary International, Rotary Means Business, International Vaish Federation, International Human Rights Organization, Newspapers Association of India, Public Relations Society of India, The Indus Entrepreneurs, and many more.

He maintains this network to ensure the growth of his business, and to gain the necessary connects required to be a successful PR practitioner.

He is also a part of prestigious organizations like Rotary International, Public Relations Society of India, Indus Entrepreneurs Network, International Human Rights Organization, Newspapers Association of India, and many others.

Education Inspiration

Sumit holds an MBA Degree in Marketing from IBS Dehradun, and has also completed his PGPM in Marketing from IBS Kolkata, and his BBA in Business Administration Management from Techno India College of Technology.

His life-long struggle to battle against the social stigma surrounding persons with Cerebral Palsy, and emerging as a successful Entrepreneur, continues to be an inspiration for many Persons with Disabilities all across the country.