Matthias Beyer

Matthias Beyer is a graduate engineer in landscape planning (specialising in sustainable tourism) and a trained hotel specialist. He has been working as an international consultant for 18 years and is Founder and Managing Director of mascontour GmbH, a Berlin-based international consulting firm for sustainable tourism development. Under his management, the company has successfully carried out around 140 tourism projects in over 50 countries.


His main areas of expertise include sustainability strategies for destinations and tourism enterprises, PR and marketing support for destinations, tourism product development, capacity development as well as sustainable supply chain and value chain management.

Having worked as General Manager for fifteen years, Matthias Beyer has extensive experience in the planning, execution and management of tourism projects, as well as in the planning, active supervision, and implementation of multi-stakeholder processes. In addition, Matthias Beyer has been a Lecturer with the Sustainable Tourism Management in Developing Countries program at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences since 2008. Over the past few years, he has given numerous presentations at international conferences and trade shows, published several professional articles, hosted various events, and prepared a number of trade publications. Since 2016, he has been an associated partner of the Centre for Sustainable Tourism (ZENAT) at the Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences for Sustainable Development. Moreover, he is a member of various associations, including the Sustainability Committee of the German Travel Association (DRV).


He loves tourism so much that he often forgets to go on holiday himself. But when he is travelling, he likes to try out local dishes and finds it exciting to exchange ideas intensively with local people. He only got his driver's licence at the age of 32, but he does not need his own car. Matthias loves mixing cocktails, dancing salsa and having long breakfasts in caf├ęs on weekends.