Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis is an expert in legal and policy developments regarding Energy, Consumer protection, Energy Poverty, and Dispute Resolution, at EU and international levels. She is passionate about sustainable development, energy efficiency, mobility and questions related to Smart Cities.

Marine provides support and policy analysis services and advise organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back to the centre of the (energy) markets, understand the needs and improve their relationships with their users, in particular, the most in need. She puts her skills and expertise at the service of think tanks, public bodies, cities, and regions, private companies, associations, universities or research centres. She is regularly invited to share her experience at events organised by different interlocutors, such as the European Commission and the Energy Poverty Observatory.


Marine is an expert consultant for the ESRC Just Energy research project on access to justice for vulnerable and energy poor consumers in the European energy markets, for which she provides strategy and policy analysis services, and has been an expert-evaluator for European Commission’s Horizon 2020 project since 2016.

She got into consumer protection, justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) through her 6-year experience as the Secretary-General of NEON, the European network of energy dispute-resolution services and ombudsmen. Marine launched the network and was leading the association in its advocacy, lobbying, and European public affairs activities.

Prior to joining NEON, Marine worked as a complaint manager for the Belgian energy ombudsman, worked for the TOTAL S.A.’s media and public relation department and completed a traineeship at the European Parliament.


Marine has a background in Political sciences and economics, having graduated from Sciences Po. Lille and the Lille University of Economics.

Marine was born in France, but she has lived in Belgium, Bulgaria, and Hungary, and is currently living in Italy. She is fluent in French, Italian and English, and has good knowledge of Spanish and basis in Dutch and Bulgarian.