We follow your idea from its first steps until the product is introduced into the market by identifying and getting you public funds or into public-funded projects, as well as managing your project in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the awarding authority.

Identifying your opportunities

To get a first understanding of your ambitions and your project/technology, we will need a short description of the idea and your company. Follow-up communication with you will be engaged in case we need to address any further questions we may have. We can then subsequently provide you with a brief analysis on the viability of whether your ambitions could receive public funding and under what potential niche. This step will be free of charge and any information you provide us will be treated confidentially. Just keep in mind, innovation is the biggest driver of opportunity out there.

If you are satisfied with our evaluation, we will hold a video-call with you to dive deeper on your existent project infrastructure, available and/or wish-list for partners, relevant expertise, target market, technology, and budgetary overview. Why do we need to know this? Tailored to your choices, we will provide you a detailed report on where funding and project opportunities exist across Europe (regional, national or international/EU) for you, how these are relevant to you, and the next steps we suggest you to take, no matter if with or without us. We will, of course, go through the report with you, also to help you define or tailor your project goals according to the opportunity.

Building your proposal and forming your consortium

With your project goals defined and you having decided on the funding programme(s), we help and support you in the planning and drafting your project proposals. We ensure that the proposal matches the policy objectives of the funding authority and ensures that it meets cross-cutting requirements such as gender, ethics and impact.

We follow your progress from having the project idea formulated until the full project proposal can be submitted to funding authorities. The steps until then can be simple if the project is doable in-house, but can also include several additional steps as, for example, finding know-how and partners to participate in your project. Sometimes several partners from different countries in a project are a prerequisite as many of those funded by the EU. Here we will help you define knowledge requirements, the realistic timetable, and suitable partners or subcontractors. Our access to international networks and partner search services are of good use here.

Coordinating the project and run the consortium

Your project proposal has gotten the go-ahead from the awarding authority? We follow the process the entire way from contract negotiations with the partners and project kick-off to the final payment and successful product-introduction to the market. We will ensure a smooth running of internal communication, internal planning and deadline upkeep, and will follow up on progress and provide financial reports, also for the public authorities. In other words, we take care of the bureaucracy burden and leave you to freely concentrate on innovation and development.

And, wherever beneficial or required, we will take care of or assist on all internal and external communication, from organising public or internal workshops and seminars, to building and sustaining websites and social media channels. Our external audience varies from high-level government officials to top media.

Also, we provide training on all steps of the funding and project management cycle

We organize training during the entire project cycle, or as stand-alone seminars to upgrade and update your or your employees’ knowledge, especially if you want to handle any of the above services yourself. We offer individual or group training at all stages, modified to fit your needs, ranging from understanding the funding landscape, idea development, how to develop a competitive proposal, to project management.