Why T&P Consulting

Experience – T&P Consulting is made up of former Senior Managers & Executives in Public Affairs, Public Relations, Association Management and Project Management. Activities such as high-level networking, translating policy output into business impact, and strategic outreach have been a daily affair for the team. We understand the context of the bigger picture and the value of the smallest detail. 

Expertise – We have a variety of specific fields of expertise, such as Brexit, gambling and aviation. But, we also know how to give your expertise a voice and maximise the impact of your interests through Public Affairs and Public Relations

Integrity – At the heart of our approach are trust and long-term vision. We believe in solid relations both with our clients and the decision-makers we approach for your needs. Our client codex is a tribute to this. In the same spirit, we believe in making sure that you get the services you seek. We don’t pretend we can. We don’t waste your and our resources on activities we cannot provide. Instead, we are always happy to see how we could help find someone else for you.

Adaptability – T&P is not the traditional consulting organisation you typically find in the global Public Affairs and Public Relations scene. Instead, our concept is based on the flexibility to adapt our consulting team of trusted partners to your needs. This lowers costs and allows independence to adapt to your needs rather than rigid organisational structures where costs for other potential non-profitable branches need to be covered by the client’s invoice.

Languages – With the European Union’s 24 official and working languages, there are those which are the typical classics used most often on the international scene. But what about that added value which is created when speaking the first language of the decision-maker who doesn’t have English, German or French as a first language? And what about the upcoming Council of the EU Presidency? With our team mastering English, German, French, Romanian, Dutch, Italian and Spanish, here some advantages:


T&P can communicate with more than 75% of the Members of the European Parliament in the language of their constituency.

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T&P speaks the national languages of the following upcoming Presidencies of the Council of the EU:

  • Austria (July-December 2018)
  • Romania (January-June 2019)
  • Germany  (July-December 2020)
  • France (January-June 2022)
  • Spain (July-December 2023)
  • Belgium (January-June 2024)

…which means at least one in the 5 upcoming trios (where three successive Presidencies work together for a long term agenda).Consulting T&P Consulting T&P ConsultingConsulting T&P Consulting T&P Consulting


With a total staff of approx. 30,000, the European Commission employs officials, contract agents and temporary agents of which nearly 70% are nationals of which T&P speaks the first language.

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