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“On the international stage of decision-making, being heard is the challenge;

Having an impact is the aim;

Solid relations based on trust and long-term visions is our approach.”

Glenn Cezanne

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Sietske De Groot

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Paul Herzfeld

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Elisabetta Savino

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Martin Reeckmann

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Sébastien blanchard

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Kjeld B. Olesen

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Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames

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Jason O’Sullivan

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Marine cornelis

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Joachim Marnitz

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Pieter allers

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Alessandro calissi

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Partner organisations

Based on more than 35 years experience, from servicing guests on a casino floor to running a multinational group of companies, Herzfeld Consulting is highly geared to address a broad range of business issues.

Based in Berlin, Anwaltskanzlei Reeckmann specializes in housing, construction, and gambling law. They provide legal advice to commercial clients, employees, founders of businesses and private clients in Germany and Europe.

Bordeaux-based Egemone Consulting is a European affairs specialised consultancy. Its clients are companies, law firms and public administrations from South West of France. The consultancy helps local public and private stakeholders understand the European law-making process and anticipate regulatory changes.

Atlantic Public Affairs is a contemporary and innovative Public Affairs and Communications firm founded by Managing Partners Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames and Jason O’Sullivan. It offers strategic consultancy services tailored to meet the policy, regulatory and communication needs of business, trade associations, charities and community groups throughout Ireland.