The Origins of the Company Name

As Managing Director and Founder of Time & Place Consulting, I often get asked where the name comes from. Having an impact on the decision-making process requires finding the right time and place to do so.

Time and place are determined by a non-exhaustive list of factors: Who can impact the agenda content? What food and drinks are served at the meeting? What language will the meeting be conducted in? What legal instruments are used to convey argumentation? What actions have been taken by counterparts which convey the opposite message?  What are the legal frameworks or institutional competency constraints for having an impact? When is the opportune moment for maximum resonance of a message in the media. 

Indeed, it is all about the best preparation for those moments when the message is portrayed. Those moments of contact; the time and place to have influence. This is what we do. We look to create that time and place for your messages to have maximum impact. Being prepared means everything from the general context to the smallest detail with a view to maximising effect at that time and place.