Gambling regulation is under constant evolution in the individual EU Member States. Equally, and often as a result, both online gambling and land-based operations as an industry or market undergo various forms of change, which can be minor, drastic or incrimental. The gambling industry from a B2B or B2C perspective is often also responsible for providing new opportunities and solutions with the advent of new technology and new business approaches. Not to forget, civil society has a major role to play in the discussion ranging from crime to responsible gambling to funding of good causes.

The EU took on a massive challenge several years ago with the publication of the Green Paper on online gambling which has led political and regulatory discussions to a point now where the identification of common ground and solutions to strengthen the markets and its safeguards due to the cross-border nature of online gambling are sought. These include the enhancement of information exchange between Member States as well as the attempts to identify potential standards for the equipment and software used in providing the services. Not least has the European Commission as well as the Member States been guided by preliminary rulings or infringement cases of the CJEU.

This is not all. Data Protection, the fight against illegal gambling, anti-money laundering rules, and the integrity of sport are just a few more examples of what can affect a gambling market and as such the discussions that operators have to engage in when evaluating cost and opportunity.

With Paul Herzfeld, former CEO of Casinos Austria International, and Deputy-CEO of Casinos Austria (the parent company of the group), Martin Reeckmann, former Chairman of  ‘Federal Association of German Casinos – Founded 2008 as BupriS’ and Glenn Cezanne former representative of Lottomatica Group (now IGT) in Brussels and Executive Director of the European Casino Association, T&P is perfectly structured to help the industry understand the stakeholders, the dynamics, and the evolution of the sector. And all this, with a view of having an impact on the decision-making process.

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