“I always look forward to an opportunity of working with Time & Place Consulting”
Wouter Lox
Secretary General, European Fruit Juice Association
“Cutting through complexity and navigating ambiguity effectively, T&P Consulting is able to get to the core of issues and present a clear path towards positive outcomes.”
Pieter Allers
President, Linkage Western Europe
"T&P helped us navigate the complex bureaucratic landscape for SME EU funding opportunities"
Pedro Saramago
(Former) Marketing & Sales Officer, Linkare
“Having access to T&P’s network has translated into growth in business for us.”
Andrea Monne
Area Manager, Multiburo
“T&P’s approach to relations I have seen built with the EU institutions can only be characterised as one of long-term effectiveness.”
Rupert Hornig
Head of Brussels Office, German Airports Association
"With Glenn Cezanne at the helm and its established network, T&P has all it takes to have the most effective communications impact in Brussels. They have proven it time and place again!"
Enrico Turrin
Deputy Director, Federation of European Publishers
"Time & Place Consulting can only be commended for its ability to understand and tailor its services to the specific client’s needs. This was especially the case when we looked for Brexit related information services to get a sector specific overview and potential scenarios. The in-depth knowledge on procedures and potential economic consequences that Time & Place provided, was especially helpful in light of fact that nothing like Brexit has ever existed before."
Alexander Mohr, PhD
Executive Director, EFFA. European Flavour Association
"Time & Place Consulting’s team of experienced professionals and its collective tacit knowledge of the EU Affairs eco-system always deliver cutting-edge analyses for the readers of our print and online publications. I particularly commend their ability to provide valuable information and impact assessments which allow business to easily understand political and regulatory landscapes.”
Jon Bruford
Managing Editor, Casino International
"T&P has helped us understand the new European Parliament (2019) for us to profile our new association image. We very much hope to continue working with them in the future."
Hubert de Biolley
Director, IEA / iEthanol (European Industrial Ethanol Association)
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