EU Aviation policy is under constant development with the advent of new technologies, increasing passenger use of low-cost airlines, as well as international politics which are at the heart of EU agreements with third countries. Not least challenges of security, calls for additional passenger rights, and competition concerns pertaining to airport slot access and the buying into European-based by non-EU airlines factor into the ongoing progress of an already highly regulated market. Air-traffic control or crew member strikes across Europe have equally had an impact where industry sees itself in need to re-define its relationships with its employees. Furthermore, there is also the advent of increased drone usage and the discussion surrounding their place in EU air-space. 

The European Commission states that aviation contributes EUR 300 billion to EU GDP. In recognition of the sector’s importance, in 2015, the European Commission put forward an aviation package looking at inter alia (1) increasing growth, (2) further developing its external aviation policy, as well as looking at (3) innovation, investments and digital technology. 

With the variety of sectors related to aviation, and not least the interlocking commercial and public interests at heart, T&P is able to help you find your way around the stakeholders, as well as help you understand the dynamics of the decision-making processes and provide you with the tools to have an impact on the outcome thereof.

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