Anti-Illicit Trade

Statistics related to ILLICIT GOODS (such as counterfeit, piracy, legitimate products evading taxation) entering the EU and ILLEGAL SERVICES (such as unlicensed gambling) being accessed by EU consumers are very telling. Strong indicators such as those provided by Europol give tribute to the massive scale of economic loss, not least due to advantages provided by free trade areas such as the European Union. 

But economic loss is only one aspect. The societal losses determined by products which are not subject to the established consumer standards such as in pharmaceuticals, or safe-guards imposed by gambling regulators to protect minors and promote responsible gambling are key motivators for an effective fight against illegal activities. Equally, the questions of fraud, money-laundering, tax evasion, unfair competition and the use of the illegal proceeds to fund other forms of crime are key issues in the relevant discussions. 

With ongoing efforts to protect Intellectual Property Rights, control markets to protect the consumer, mitigate crime and guarantee an equal playing field, very often the question of resource management and political focus come into play. Public and political resources are often limited, and focus and international cooperation at enforcement level can need that extra push. 

T&P pools the right knowledge. Glenn Cezanne has experience in border security technology, helping industry combat illicit commodities entering the EU and profiling the problems of illegal gambling deriving from inside as well as outside the EU. Jason O’ Sullivan, provides advisory and litigation expertise in Intellectual Property Law and protection of those rights. Together they engage your concerns on IP infringements and illegal competition juridically, fused with Public Affairs and Public Relations strategies, with the aim of enforcement receiving the empowerment to really show its teeth. 

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